Business Development


Development can be approached from multiple angles. In my point of view, human being has to be in the very center of all kind of programme and project to ensure cohesion and social integration. This is only possible through sustainable delopment programme that care about human development.

Education for integration


Social integration is key for any community, region and any country that focus on human development. That is why social cohesion is so important. However, the most important way to get to this level is ensure the education and comunication projects and programme that lead us to this.

Cooperation Development


It has been prooven that cooperation is much more important thant just giving or assisting someone or country with giving things. All cooperation projects are a win win since both sides can benefit from different ways and above all, this ensure sustainabiliy.


  • PhD researcher at Universitat Jaume I

  • International Master's Degree in International Peace, Conflicts & Development Studies.

  • Master's Degree in New International Business Creation.

  • Inter-Universitary Master's Degree in Development Cooperation.

  • Founder & CEO at LD Internatiional Investment & Development [LDIID] and its subsidiaries.

  • Promotor of the Linguistic Semantic Turn [LST] proposal, in spanish Giro Semántico Lingüístico [GSL]

  • President at CECI [Communication & Education for Structural Integration.

  • Co-Founder & President at Club Kiskeya

  • Founder of the DM® Brand

  • Founder of

  • Co-Founder & President at Invictus European Student Services - IESS.

  • Author of multiple books and published articles.




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