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Louis Dantil Preparacion de examenes oficiales delf dalf tcf

Preparation of official exams/ test  [TCF, DALF & DELF]

Get ready for the official French tests [TCF-DALF-DELF]

There are many reasons to prepare for the official French tests and quizzes. If you want to study in France, Quebec, Haiti, Belgium or Switzerland, some universities will ask you for a French knowledge test that has to be one of these three: TCF, DALF and DELF. Moreover, if you want to emigrate to Quebec, it is essential to take a French knowledge test. Thanks to new technologies, you can have this problem solved immediately with Louis Dantil. Get ready for the official French tests [TCF-DALF-DELF] and conquer the French-speaking world.

Private French classes in Castellon de la Plana

Learning and speaking French with my private French courses at home or in my office in Castellón de la Plana is very simple and is based on a method that guarantees rapid progress through activities designed especially for the student in question based on an assessment personal. Use my private French and English classes to improve your speaking, writing and listening skills step by step.


Private English classes in Castellon de la Plana

Learning and practicing English with my private English courses at home or in my office in Castellón de la Plana is now much easier and is based on a method that guarantees rapid progress through activities designed especially for the student in question based on to a personal assessment. Use my private English and French classes to improve your speaking, writing and listening skills step by step.

Private French and English courses in Castellón de la Plana

Contact and talk with me freely about your linguistic needs both about learning French and English to prepare a program especially for you that will take you to the level you are looking for. Schedule your French and Church classes, we adjust to your availability as well as the place where you want to have your classes. Learning French and English in Castelló de la Plana has never been so comfortable. Also, discover about our proposals of the linguistic semantic turn, in English "The linguistic semantic turn" among other concepts developed such as education for structural integration, communication for structural integration, transnational citizenship, among others.

Louis Dantil

Start preparing the Official Tests





Why is it important to study French?

To Be a diplomatic

French is the favorite language of the diplomatic world. It is one of the working languages ​​of the European Union, the only language used in the deliberations of the Court of Justice of the EU, and one of the working languages ​​of the United Nations.


French is a Global language

Because more than 200 million people speak French on the 5 continents. 68 are the states and governments that declare themselves French-speaking throughout the world, with French being the official language in 33 countries. It is also the second most learned language after English, and it is also next to English, the only one that can be learned in the whole world.


The Language of culture

French is the international language for cuisine, fashion, theater, visual arts, dance, and architecture. Knowing French is having access to the great texts of French and Francophone literature in their original version, as well as cinema and song. French is the language of Víctor Hugo, Molière, Léopold Sendar Senghor, Edith Piaf, Jean-Paul Sartre, Alain Delon or Zinedine Zidane.


To study in French Universities

Speaking French makes it possible to study in France, in prestigious universities or in higher schools of commerce and engineering, ranked among the best higher educational centers in Europe and the world. Students who are fluent in French can receive scholarships from the French Government to study a third cycle in France in all disciplines, and obtain an internationally recognized diploma.

Para trabajar

  • Speaking French and English is an advantage that opens up more possibilities in the international job market. Knowledge of French opens the doors to French companies in France and abroad, in all French-speaking countries (Canada, Haiti, Switzerland, Belgium and many countries in Africa). France, the fifth commercial power and the third destination country for foreign investors, is a first-line economic partner.


Más oportunidades

  • The professional world is very competitive and language skills, outside of English, can make a difference when it comes to getting a job, getting a better position or managing a project. Speaking French opens the doors to the market and French-speaking companies. In addition, by expressing yourself in the language of your French-speaking interlocutor, you create a closeness that can give way to a certain relationship of trust.


Es la lengua de amor

  • Sometimes life is a box of surprises and one day, without warning, you fall in love ("you fall in love" as Quebecers say) from a French speaker! You can communicate with him / her in your own language or in a "neutral" language, but if you limit yourself to this, you miss a part of their life. Learning French because your boyfriend @ is French speaking will give you access to a part of "his world" that continues to develop in his native language (music, movies, series, books, etc.). Also, you will feel less isolated at family dinners or with friends.


Para entender al francés

  • French culture may be understood in other languages, but it can only be felt in French. His music, his cinema, his writers and philosophers… Foucault, Jules Verne, François Hardy and the Nouvelle Vague are just some examples.



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