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He is a self made entrepreneur and e-Commerce developper. He is a philosoph, educator and social ressearcher. He hold a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the Saint Alphonse University in Bogota. He holds three maaster's degree: in International Peace, Conflicts & Development Studies; Master's Degree in Cooperation Development and; Master's Degree in International Business Creation. You are here because you are looking for e-commerce development services and, I will help you.

Dantil Louis

Are you ready to learn how to build & increase brand awareness through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Target Your Audience

Do you know who is your services or product is made for? What are their needs, what they are looking for, their passion, etc.

Choose Your Niche

Now you know who is target audience, you definitely have to provide a service: sort the product and or niche you want to involve in.

Create Brand Identity

Now you have the product to solve your audience's needs, it time to set up you. identity: brand, name, website, color, marketing goal, etc.

Plan Your Marketing Stratedy

How do you plan to reach your preferred customers: where do you want to reach them? Which chanel are you going to use and what kind of marketing strategy you want to put in place?

Plan Your SEO Strategy

Your online presence is key for a better online brand strategy. This is why you need to set up a well planned Serch Engine Optimisation - SEO Plan.

Start Your Business Online

Now, it is time to set up your business and decide how. Check out everything you need to know to start your business either online or offline.



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