Louis Dantil is well known for proposing the Communication and Education for Structural Integration [CECI] and the Linguistic Semantic Turn [LST], in Spanish Giro Semántico Lingüístico [GSL] as an ethical and philosophical approach aiming to be an alternative to the negative language and information of the mass media regarding people on the move, mostly know as immigrant.


Born and raised in Palmary, Ranquitte, Haiti; Louis Dantil attended the Major Seminary of Cazeau where he had his first Bachelor’s degree in philosophy before moving to Dominican Republic when he was 23 years old.

5 years later, Louis travelled to Bogota, Colombia where he attended the Foundation University of Saint Alphonse – FUSA, where he received a license's degree in philosophy. In 2014, he was granted a Scholarship to study a master in International Peace, Conflicts and Development Studies at the Universitat Jaume I.


Right after finishing this programme, Louis started another master in Creation of International New Businesses. He received the prize of best business plan from FACSA and Universitat Jaume I.


Then another one in Cooperation to development while he started the PhD Programme in in International Peace, Conflicts and Development Studies. In 5 years, Louis studied 3 masters and a Doctorate.


In 2017, Louis registered himself as an individual entrepreneur (autonomo) and started selling women underwear. He received a lot of critics because of that and, according to those criticizing him, as an intellectual, it doesn’t reflect a good image selling women underwear.


In January 2018, Louis founded his first LLC company called DLuxomode®. After one moth of a high-volume sales with an estimated of 100.000,00€, the company went bankruptcy. According to Louis, this happened because, firstly he was not prepared for the success and second, he started diversify to much by creating another company in Dominican Republic and another one in Haiti.


In January 2019, he had to cease all business activities because he was totally brocken. With nothing, absolutely nothing but his studies, his wife divorced and leave her house. He decided to go back to work as a normal employee.


His last job was when he worked as a receptionist at the Hotel Onda Castellon where, 3 months after starting to work there, he was just asked to leave. That was on December 3rd of 2019.


That same month, Louis started a blog call Parairdevacaciones.com which he dedicated almost every day to work on its SEO while given individual and personalized english and French classes.


The coronavirus studently came and, Louis remain again without a job. However, he never stops working on his blog SEO. In march 2020, he started receiving e-mails from an affiliated company who told him that his blog is ranked very well for certain keywords and asked him to affiliate to its program which he did.


This appeared to be a new beginning for Louis’s success. To make history short, today he is able to retake he business back on track and start generating very high volume of sale with just click from organic search from Google.


Opportunity do not come to us, opportunity is pursued!

Curriculum Vitae

Louis Dantil 

  • PhD researcher at Universitat Jaume I

  • International Master's Degree in International Peace, Conflicts & Development Studies.

  • Master's Degree in New International Business Creation.

  • Inter-Universitary Master's Degree in Development Cooperation.

  • Founder & CEO at LD Internatiional Investment & Development [LDIID] and its subsidiaries.

  • Promotor of the Linguistic Semantic Turn [LST] proposal, in spanish Giro Semántico Lingüístico [GSL]

  • President at CECI [Communication & Education for Structural Integration.

  • Co-Founder & President at Club Kiskeya

  • Co-Founder & President at Invictus European Student Services - IESS.

  • Author of multiple books and published articles.



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