Louis Dantil is known for proposing the Communication and Education for Structural Integration [CESI] Workshop and the Linguistic Semantic Turn [LST], in Spanish Giro Semántico Lingüístico [GSL] as an ethical and philosophical approach aiming to be an alternative to the negative language and information treatment of mass media regarding people on the move. Our main purpuse is how to prevent and fight cultural violence in all its forms and ways. He is the founder of the DM®. Brand, he is also the founder of the PARAIRDEVACACIONES, an online Travel Gadgets store and vacations appartments.



El Giro Semántico Lingüístico is a new proposal aiming to redefine the role of linguistic communication in the structural integration of people in any  given society  by promoting the foundamentals about how to prevent cultural violence in all its forms and ways of manifestation. The workshop, course and seminar are part of my research work and doctoral thesis on the significant role of the informative treatment of the mass media in the social and structural integration of people in transnational mobility, mostly  known as immigrant, in the whole of the society where they reside. The purpose is to elaborate ethical-semantic and linguistic principles guide of communication and education to promote peace, structural integration, social cohesion of people in mobility and, mostly to deconstruct and prevent all sort of cultural violence.